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[May. 27th, 2009|10:48 pm]
The Confraria


Title: Five Card Draw
Author: thesilentpoet
Fandom: Witch Hunter Robin
Pairing: Robin/Amon
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Will always be one of my favorite however.
AN: The fortune teller in this one has appeared in others before. She seems to be both a running theme and character between the stories I'm telling.
Summary: Some things are best left hidden.

Robin found a vague sort of fascination with the sights, sounds and colors that she wishied Amon would relax long

enough to stop looking over his shoulder every other step.

"Could we eat something here at least?" she asked, looking at him innocently.

Amon frowned, but nodded. "Don't move."

He was only gone a moment, and Robin had every intention of staying, and really, the old woman came to her. "A

reading," the old woman did not ask, but shuffled her deck, and drew. "Wheel of Fortune. The Hanged Man,

reversed. Nine of swords, reversed. The Hermit. Temperance, reversed.(*)"

"Is that bad?" Robin asked curiously, staring at the cards the woman had placed in her hands.

"It's relative, dearie, and in the meaning. Five cards, one for each of the months you've been on the run. It'll

cost you for your curiosity."

"I don't have any money."

"Perhaps we can strike a deal." A sense of horror struck Robin as she watched the woman glace long enought at

Amon, just a stone throw away, buying fried doughs and hot, sugary drinks for them, rifling through his pockets

for the correct change. She swallowed, and didn't see the old woman's smile. "Excellent, dearie," she heard, and

Robin paled.

"Madam, I -"

"Not to worry, dearie." She leaned in close, and Robin had an overwhelming scent of musk and lavender overpower

her senses. "I've seen many who come through here, always running. To somewhere or from somewhere, it matters

little to me. You are also always seeking. I merely help draw a path." Her words caused Robin to shiver, and

she was aware the woman pulled away, that the woman smiled, and that the woman's smile reminded her of the smooth

flight the bullet took just before it took off, and just before it found its mark. "Keep the cards. You'll need


She was gone. Robin looked wildly in the crowd, but the woman had disappeared. Amon was by her side in that

moment, watching her steady her breath and calm her pulse. He handed her a plate of fried dough, narrowing his

eyes. "Who was that?"

Robin shook her head, and grabbed one of the two drinks from Amon's hand, and took a long gulp. The hot liquid

burned her tongue, and she closed her eyes, feeling herself balance again. "No one," she mumured. "She just

startled me."

She carefully held both food and drink in one hand a moment to shove the cards into one pocket. She forced

herself to look Amon in the eyes, and knew instantly he didn't believe her. "A fortune teller," she said. "I

don't know what she wanted."


"No, something else." She finished what little was left of her drink, anc tossed the empty cup into the nearby

bin. Food still untouched, she tugged at Amon's sleeve, and was grateful when he finally laced his fingers

through hers.

(*) Cards Meanings:
Wheel of Fortune - Destiny, fortune, a special gain, an unusual loss, end of a problem, unexpected events, advancement, progress

</i>The Hanged Man, reversed</i> - Unwillingness to make an effort, false prophecy, useless sacrifice

Nine of swords, reversed - Healing over time, unselfishness, patience, good news of a loved one

The Hermit - Counsel, inner strength, prudence, caution, vigilance, patience, withdrawal, annulment, a loner

Temperance, reversed - Discord, conflict, disunion, hostility, frustration, impatience