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The Confraria

Brother- (and Sister-)hood of WHR Fanfiction

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Welcome to Confraria, an LJ community for the promotion and propogation of WHR goodfic. Before you post here, be sure to read (and then follow!) the following rules:

I. Respect your fellow ficcers. While concrit is appreciated (and often expected), flames are not. Try to keep discussions and comments as civil as possible. Ranting about a particular trend or characterization is fine; however, author-bashing will not be tolerated. (Not even when it comes to You-Know-Who.)

II. Respect your mods. They're here to keep the comm pleasant and on-topic. If you have an issue with one of the mods, please contact a different one and explain the situation. If you've got all four of them against you...tough.

III. Don't be a moron. Use your best grammar/spelling/punctuation when posting or commenting. Tpyos plague us all, of course, but there is a difference between posting "I really lieked it" and "i ralley leikd it!!11" Also, do not spam the comm with off-topic posts or repeated fic plugging. Once per update is standard for fic plugging; any more than that will net you a warning (or a ban, if this is your second or third warning).

IV. Use the LJ cut. If your post/author's notes is longer than five or six paragraphs, cut it. If you're talking about touchy subjects (like rape, child molestation, et cetera), cut it. Basically, if you think it might need to be cut, just cut it. It'll save both you and your moderators some headaches.

V. Have fun. In the end, that's what fanfiction is for, yes?

Be sure to check out this comm's memories, especially the folder marked "Mod Posts." There you will find fic update forms, more detailed explanations about this comm's purpose, and various other information-ly things. Look there before you ask a question.

Enjoy your stay!

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