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(no subject) [May. 27th, 2009|10:48 pm]
The Confraria

Title: Five Card Draw
Author: thesilentpoet
Fandom: Witch Hunter Robin
Pairing: Robin/Amon
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Will always be one of my favorite however.
AN: The fortune teller in this one has appeared in others before. She seems to be both a running theme and character between the stories I'm telling.
Summary: Some things are best left hidden.

They were in the right town when the circus came. Somewhere in the general vicinity of mid- Europe.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2009|07:57 pm]
The Confraria

Title: Escape Plans
Author: thesilentpoet
Characters: Amon/Robin, with some random others
Rating: PG
Disclaimer/Author Notes: Once again, many thanks to the beta of all betas jennaria, who without with, this fic would have raped commas, to be sure. (Also had offended tenses [past&present and POVs.) Quite obviously, neither Amon nor Robin nor any of subtlely-or-not-so-subtlely borrowed characters here are mine. I just write them.

Original prompt was: Robin/Amon, fugitive, travel, loneliness, of which two of the three got covered.

In which a favor is repaid, and a journey to safety startedCollapse )
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Oneshot, "Summer's End" [FF.net] [Oct. 28th, 2007|08:30 pm]
The Confraria

[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Title: "Summer's End"
Author: misora
Chapter: Oneshot
Rating: T for Teen
URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3861465/1/Summers_End
Review: Yes, please! ^.~
Author's Notes: Just a little treat for Halloween/Shadowfest, based on the series' episode 15--which I think has very significant parallels to the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, as I've mentioned before elsewhere--tied in with a bit of mythology, specifically concerning the Harvest Lord/Slain God concept. Enjoy, and Happy Samhain!

P.S.: Have also begun the sequel to TBT, entitled "Hieros Gamos", so expect another chapter up soon!

x-posted to hieros_gamos
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Fic: This Drop Of Time [Oct. 13th, 2007|09:32 pm]
The Confraria

Title: This Drop Of Time
Author: Thia (karolja)
Chapter: Just this
Rating: PG
URL: http://karolja.livejournal.com/28354.html
Review: As you like
Author's Notes: First WHR story, so all critique welcome! Set during an theoretical second series.
Summary: Silent understanding. A letter sent into the void, and received.
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2007|11:51 pm]
The Confraria

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Greetings, fellow WHR fans :)
I'm a long time fan of the series but a relatively new member here.  And instead of just saying "Hi, I'm new," I decided to plug an old oneshot.  As well as ask if anyone would care to beta for me?  My usual beta readers are not avid WHR fans.  I have another oneshot in the works, and I'd like to have it beta'd before it gets posted anywhere.  :3

Title: Definition of a Family
Author: Tomato  
Rating: G
Summary:  Robin contemplates the meaning of the word "family."  Slight Amon/Robin fluff.
URL: http://allay-pain.net/viewstory.php?sid=40&chapter=1
Review: Anywhere is fine :)
A/N: This fic was posted on ff.net last year, but allay-pain is hosting the edited, fixed up version now.  

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The Burning Time, Completed! [Dec. 31st, 2006|05:53 pm]
The Confraria

[Current Mood |jubilantjubilant]

Title: The Burning Time
Author: misora
Chapters: Chapter 19: Advent, and Epilogue: Altar
Rating: R/NC-17
URL: FF.net.
Review: Yes please! ^^
Author's Notes: You all thought I forgot about this fic, didn't ya? ^_____^ Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to finish it. I don't know if I would have gotten this far without some very dedicated readers and reviewers.

Also, be on the lookout at hieros_gamos for a downloadable soundtrack to the end of this fic! ^.~

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
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Name change @ ff.net [Nov. 25th, 2006|12:42 pm]
The Confraria

In case anyone is curious, I have changed my name at ff.net to match my name at LJ. You can now find me at http://www.fanfiction.net/~Fandomme Thanks!
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"Tricks and Treats" [Oct. 28th, 2006|02:46 am]
The Confraria


Inspired by Halloween coverage, I penned this little one-shot: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3217492/1/

I hope you all enjoy it.

Summary: It's Halloween in Tokyo, and Amon is not pleased. (Post-series, RxA.)

Happy Halloween!

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Tattoo Complete [Sep. 3rd, 2006|02:17 pm]
The Confraria

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[Current Mood |deviousdevious]

Finally got my act together and finished this sucker. Now I'm always worried about how others will react to my work, but this is how I saw this piece from the beginning. Also, apologies to any Germans. No insult was intended.

I've uploaded the final chapter and the epilogue - which is important, so if you decide to read it, read the "final" chapter, too. I also included an additional piece that was the original basis for Tattoo. I didn't have time to complete this other full-length fanfiction and was concerned how people would react to it (there was to be much psychological and sexual abuse, to which readers tend to react very badly where Robin is concerned).

So anyway, read if you would like. ;)

Tatoo Chapter Four
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Tattoo [Jul. 30th, 2006|01:01 pm]
The Confraria

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I've been working on a piece titled Tattoo that some of you may have seen on FF.Net. It started out as a lemon, but with AFF all wacky I reformatted it (i.e. toned it down) for FF. It was just supposed to be something light, however at this point, and with the recent upload of chapter three, I'm considering just giving up on it. I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the matter. I mean, I would like to finish Tattoo for the sake of finishing it. I just have some other writing and Apophysis projects I would like to do and don't want to waste my time if others think this piece is utter crap.

Click to read Tattoo
Click to read recently uploaded Chapter 3: Retaliation
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